The scope of our production offer:

  • Acrylic containers
  • Acrylic containers for dry products
  • Displays for products
  • Shelfliners
  • Stands for flyers
  • Non-standard POS materials
  • Shop equipment

What do we do?

Our primary area of activity is the production of exhibition and advertising materials of plastics. In theimplementing process we useboth bending and thermal molding, but one of our main specialties is a high-quality bonding of PMMA. For the purpose of our implementation we combine plastics with other materials such as wood, aluminum, stainless steel.

To our clients we always offer support, both at the stage of concept and selection of materials and production technology. We suggest optimum solutions and innovative ideas.

Who are we?

For nearly 10 years on the advertising and exhibition market, we have a qualified and experienced team of professionals. Both our designers, technologists and production staff is a top-class specialists in their fields. 

We have experience of cooperation with major clients, both domestically and internationally. We provide professional support for the project from the stage of prototyping, through production, packaging and delivery according to the distribution list.

Why us?

  • For each project we approach individually, by engaging in the implementation our skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Our commitment is always to create the highest quality product, using the most economical solutions.
  • In the production process we use only certified raw materials and products.
  • We want to build long-term partner relationships with our customers and suppliers, based on professionalism and mutual respect.

Acrylic containers for loose products


Acrylic containers are widely used in the retail trade as:

Acrylic containers for loose products

Acrylic candy containers

Acrylic containers for jelly sweets

Acrylic containers for delicacies

Acrylic cake containers

Acrylic containers for bred

Examples of containers of Plexiglas of our production we present on the pictures next to it.


Shelfliners with individual print we can produce for you at any run; minimum order is 20 pieces.

At high orders take about 5-7 days to print and add time for bending and sealed of two-way tape.

Our production capacity allow to make of more than 30 000 pieces of shelfliners per week. 


Stands for flyers

In our production offer you will find various types of displays and racks for leaflets of Plexiglas.

We can do the marking of the method of screen printing, pad printing or laser engraving.

We have a catalogue of standard stands for leaflets to the classic formats such as A4, A5, DL but it is also possible to design a personal stand on the flyer or the performance of it according to your project.


Displays for products

One of our specialties is conceptually design and manufacture of feeders and displays for products. 

We carry out displays on the basis of the obtained visualization or yourself. We develop the design and technology (selection of raw materials, combining and decorating).


Non-standard POS materials

We specialize in individually designed exhibition and promotional materials productions of plastics.

We perform both client projects, as well as we help in the selection of raw materials and technological and conceptual solutions.

If you want to know the full portfolio of our implementation of POS materials, please contact us.


Plexiglas show cases and cabinets

Next we present next some examples of our show cases made of Plexiglas.

To our clients we provide help in the selection of technological solutions, raw materials and finishes. We also produce show cases closed with a lock or a magnet.

As a manufacturer we offer performance of cabinets or show case according to the individual project of the customer.


Plexiglas containers

We produce glued Plexiglas containers according to the dimensions given by the client.

We help in the selection of the technology, the type and thickness of the raw material and form of finishing of containers according to their purpose and use.

Additional technologies used in the performance of the Plexi containers:

  • deburring of edges
  • diamond polishing
  • flame polishing

If you have any questions we are at your disposal:


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